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.NET Forum December 2013

It has come to an end of another great year. It has been a very busy, challenging and successful year for our .NET community. We hosted our December month .NET Forum today and we had 02 great sessions to end 2013 year.

I delivered the 1st session which talked about Rapid Application Prototyping with SharePoint and Visual Studio LightSwitch. I started discussing what LightSwitch is and then demonstrated creating Desktop applications using Silverlight client and SharePoint applications using HTML client.

At the end, we gave 03 gifts away for the participants. They were 02 printed books and 1 e-book from Oreilly.

Me presenting @ the forum

Me presenting @ the forum

Oreilly book give away

Oreilly book give away

Visual Studio 2013 has been released

Another great release of the Visual Studio has been release today. It was not that long Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012. Here they release another great version – Visual Studio 2013 today with bunch of enhancements and new features.

Please check Somasegar’s blog for more information: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/somasegar/archive/2013/10/17/visual-studio-2013-available-for-download.aspx

Also don’t forget to check Visual Studio Team Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2013/10/17/visual-studio-2013-released-to-web.aspx

Virtusa BA Forum – SharePoint for Business Analysts

Gathering requirements is always the challenging task in every SharePoint projects. Most of the projects fail and make customer unhappy for not capturing the right requirements.

Virtusa’s BA forum organized a session to discuss how best we can gather requirements for SharePoint projects and what are the best practices.

I was invited to deliver the session and I was very happy to educate them on how best we can capture requirements in SharePoint projects and what are the best practices to make customer happy at the end of the project.


.NET Forum July 2013

We had 2 great sessions lined for the July monthly meeting. First was mine which talked about “What’s new in .NET Framework 4.5“. Second session was about “Introduction to SignalR” by Ruchira Gamage.

I started session explaining the journey of both .NET Framework and Visual Studio. After that I talked about the release pattern and “nugget” involvement. After that I touched following topics giving attendees directions to explore more:

  • Visual Studio Version Interop
  • Core Framework Changes
    • New BCL Classes, Methods
    • Portable Class Libraries (PCL)
    • Target 32-bit or 64-bit
    • Improvements to start up
    • Networking improvements
    • Garbage Collection
    • Reflection redesigned
    • .NET for Windows Store Apps
    • Tools
    • Parallel Programming
    • Web
    • WPF
    • WF
    • WCF

Session was a very high-level discussion about what’s new in .NET Framework 4.5 and more details can be found in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms171868.aspx

Once again, it was very nice to see a room full crowd.

.NET Forum May 2013

This is my 1st session of the .NET Forum in year 2013. I decided to deliver the same session I delivered for SEA SharePoint Conference in Singapore this year.

I explained what is new and changed in Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint developers and it was interesting to see that most of them have tried Visual Studio 2010 but not 2012. It was exciting to see room-full crowd and it was a good start for me for year 2013.


Me presenting

Me presenting

Room-full crowd

Room-full crowd

Article – What’s New for SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2012 – Part I

This is the 1st of series of interesting articles about SharePoint Development using Visual Studio 2012. Stay tuned for the rest of the articles.


Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference, 2013 – Singapore

I was very fortunate to take part in the 3rd episode of Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference held on 16th and 17th January, 2013 in Singapore. This is the 3rd time we had this conference and it seemed the region has taken this event very serious and the number of attendees was a proof for the same.

I remember we has around 300 attendees for the 1st episode of the event back in 2010. And we has around 500 attendees for the 2nd episode back in 2011. This time we has around 900 attendees and I’m sure we will have more than 1000 for the next year conference.

I delivered a session in the Developer track and the session was “What’s New and Changed for me in Visual Studio 2012 as a SharePoint Developer“. It was very exciting to see a room-full audience and I managed to deliver all what I wanted during the session.

There were a lot of good sessions conducted by famous speakers such as Debbie, Randy, Richard, Pinal, Daniel, Mark, etc… and it was an exciting way to kick start the 2013 year.

Mark Rhodes – Thanks a lot for the pictures.

Joy Speaking @ SEA SPC

Joy Speaking @ SEA SPC


SPC 2013 Attendees

Article – Custom Windows PowerShell Scripts and Local Execution Policy

This article talks about the Loacal Execution Policy and it’s involvement when running custom Windows PowerShell scripts.


.NET Forum September 2012

We had 2 sessions organized for .NET Forum September 2012. I delivered a session how to get started SharePoint development as an ASP.NET developer.

We foresee lot of opportunities in SharePoint and with the release of SharePoint 15 Preview, lot of organizations are interested and looking to migrate into SharePoint. With that we are very positive that we will grow in SharePoint and Sri Lanka will be a best outsourcing options for US and Europe.

We have seen lot of individual who try to migrate to SharePoint development struggle a lot since they try to apply the same ASP.NET development techniques. That’s the main reason I decided to demonstrate what are the similarities and dissimilarities in ASP.NET and SharePoint development.

We had about 55 participants and it was a very good forum.

.NET Forum September 2012

.NET Forum September 2012

Me presenting @ .NET Forum September 2012

Me presenting @ .NET Forum September 2012

Me presenting @ .NET Forum September 2012

Me presenting @ .NET Forum September 2012

SharePoint Forum September 2012

I have been waiting to present at the SharePoint Forum Sri Lanka and finally I received the invitation to present at the September forum. I did a session sometime back on OOTB Workflows and gave an introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows and that session was very well received. Forum members were requesting an advanced session on SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows and I decided to do that in September forum.

I had more than 1 hour today since the other speaker didn’t make it to the session so I started giving an introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010 workflows and covered topics such as List workflows, Site workflows and Reusable workflows. Also I demonstrated and discussed almost every action as part of SharePoint Designer 2010 and also talked about Parallel and Impersonation Steps. Also talked about Initiation form variables and generating an InfoPath Form using SharePoint Designer 2010.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a big crowd today and we had about only 15 members.

Me presenting @ SharePoint Forum Sept 12

Me presenting @ SharePoint Forum Sept 12

Me presenting @ SharePoint Forum Sept 12

Me presenting @ SharePoint Forum Sept 12

Back to School – Jaffna and Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Unites organized a 2 day program for the young generation in Jaffna and Mullaittivu districts to educate them on the opportunities in IT and how they can select IT as a career.

Sri Lanka suffered more than a decade with LTTE terrorism and Jaffna and Mullaittivu were two of districts suffered a lot. Specially the Mullaittivu district was the home for LTTEs and that’s where the people suffered a lot due to war. Sri Lanka Unites along with the help from IT giants in Sri Lanka trying to bring life back to these districts who suffered a lot from war.

I participated one of their events and this was a 3 day event which includes more than a day for travelling. We spend nearly 10 hours to reach Jaffna and on 3rd Friday, August we addressed more than 60 students in Jaffna. We left Jaffna on 4th August early morning and reached Mullaittivu noon and addresses more than 50 students.

We had 3 sessions in each city and I talked about how Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SharePoint picking up the industry and how the opportunities are getting created every day. During my 1 ½ hours session I also talked about the industry trends with related to IT and specially how SharePoint and related technologies became so popular and how it helps our day-to-day operations.

It was a hectic travel and stay. We travelled al most 850 KM and specially the road to Mullaittivu through a jungle and it was very tired. However, at the end, we all felt satisfied since they appriciated our visit and know they know that they also have a good future and they know that it’s time to stop moaning about the relatives they lost because of war.

Jaffna Students

Jaffna Students

Me presenting @ Jaffna

Me presenting @ Jaffna

Jaffna Students

Jaffna Students

Mullaittivu Students

Mullaittivu Students

Me presenting @ Mullaittivu

Me presenting @ Mullaittivu

Industry Day – University of Sabaragamuwa

Newly established Department of IT at university of Sabaragamuwa organized a one day workshop/ seminar for newcomers to understand the importance of IT as a career. This university is located in Uva province and it’s about 200 KM from the capital – Colombo. Students find very difficult on getting the right guidance and resources for their education and IT was just introduced into the university.

We were invited to participate and provide guidance from our experience on how they can get the best out of IT. I was responsible for speaking about “.NET and SharePoint” as a career and students found the session was very interesting. There were lot of questions around .NET and SharePoint and most of the questions were around the difficulty of getting into SharePoint technology.

I provided lot of information about the value of .NET and SharePoint, career opportunities in SharePoint, how to get started with .NET and SharePoint development and what will be the career growth in .NET and SharePoint technologies.

Lot of requests came in to visit them regular basis and provide them deep technical sessions and I promised them to have at least 2 sessions every 6 months so that they will consider .NET and SharePoint as one of career option.

Though we had to spend 2 days for this event which includes 1 days for travelling, I feel happy that I was able to help them to understand on the opportunities on .NET and SharePoint.

Faculty of IT @ University of Sabaragamuwa

Faculty of IT @ University of Sabaragamuwa

Me presenting @ University of Sabaragamuwa

Me presenting @ University of Sabaragamuwa

SharePoint Forum June 2012

SharePoint Forum got cancelled for various reasons for past few months and I got an opportunity speak today.

I decided to deliver a session around BI to make audience interested on all the workloads in SharePoint. I delivered a session on PowerPivot for Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 and session was mainly around the end-user capabilities on PowerPivot.

I demonstrated on loading data into PowerPivot, preparing data within PowerPivot and creating PivotTable with PowerPivot data. I also demonstrated on slicing and dicing capabilities with large amount of data and finally talked about publishing to SharePoint and using PowerPivot within SharePoint.

.NET Forum May 2012

May forum addressed an audience who have been waiting for a long time and requesting this topic for a long time. Our Facebook page got filled with lot of requests for a session on WCF.

We decided to start with an introductory session since most of the people attending have no prior experience in developing WCF.

I did a session on introducing what WCF is and also we talked about history, how it is different from XML Web Services, etc…

Finally I did a demo to show them how we can build a WCF Service from the very beginning and also demonstrated the building blocks of a WCF solution.

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Virtusa Tech Forum – Business Intelligence and PowerPivot

Virtusa Tech Forum is a monthly deep dive technical discussion targeted only for Architects. Normally this session focuses on a topic related to core development.

After working 1 ½ years at Virtusa and after seeing how many of employees use Excel to slice and dice data I decided to do a session targeting all the employees in the company to showcase the power of PowerPivot. For the 1st time Virtusa Tech Forum was open for all the employees in Colombo targeting 1400 employees and around 200 participated for the session.

I explained the objective and the key technical things behind the PowerPivot and demonstrated them end-to-end both PowerPivot for Excel and PowerPivot for SharePoint.

For the 1st time Virtusa Tech Forum consisted of all different roles – Software Engineers, Project Managers, Architects, QAs and they found session was very useful.

Virtusa Tech Forum - PowerPivot and Business Intelligence

Virtusa Tech Forum – PowerPivot and Business Intelligence

APIIT Student Activity Club – Microsoft Workshop

APIIT Student Activity Club organized a Microsoft Workshop for all their students. This event was supported by Microsoft Sri Lanka.

I was invited to deliver a session on the upcoming Visual Studio and .NET Framework release. I delivered a session on Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta and managed to cover most of the key enhancements in both.

There were more than 50 participants and most of them were already into Microsoft technologies and feedback was very positing on the session and they were interested to have a follow-up session on some advanced areas.

Thanks a lot for APIIT Student Activity Club for inviting this event as a speaker.

.NET Forum April 2012

I have been busy and avoiding number of requests from .NET Forum members. Finally got some time today to invest on the community.

I delivered a session in .NET Forum today targeting about 60 attendees. I decided to talk about HTML 5 hype and that could be a reason why we had lot of attendees.

I talked about what HTML 5 is and how the new markup and JavaScript libraries together bring the light of HTML 5 into web development arena.

I demonstrated the new markup style and some of new tags such as header, footer, datalist and aside.

I was very much privilege to introduce HTML 5 discussions within the .NET Forum and hope to do few more sessions around same.

Workshop on “How to become a 1st class SharePoint Consultant”

I have been delivering SharePoint trainings for the past 5+ years through NetAssist International which is the No 1 certified partner for Microsoft learning solutions. I have trained lot of students and most of them have found better opportunities in the country as well as outside the country.

We get massive SharePoint projects every quarter and there is a huge vacuum for good SharePoint resources. We advertise and get lot of resumes but most of them end up in deleted items folder simply because they don’t have the right set of skills which we expect from a good SharePoint consultant. We interview few and reject a lot just because they don’t have skills to articulate their experience during the interviews.

With NetAssist sponsorship, I did a free workshop on 28th Feb targeting all the major universities, ISVs, customers to talk about how to become a 1st class SharePoint consultant.

We had nearly 125 attendees and I managed to demonstrate the value of SharePoint as a 1st class business collaboration platform and discussed few case studies based on my past experience on how to become a 1st class SharePoint consultant.

At the end, I spent few minutes to explain the courses offered by Microsoft for enhancing skills on SharePoint and explained the value of certification and certification path for SharePoint.







Joy presenting @ the workshop

Joy presenting @ the workshop

SharePoint Forum December 2011

This is the last SharePoint Forum Sri Lanka gathering for this year. I was fortunate to present a session on BCS. There were lot of sessions around introduction, branding, object model, workflows but LOB system integration is one of the key requirements for every medium to large enterprise customers. I decided to do a session around BCS and I started introducing the BCS, demonstrated on creating an ECT, configuring BCS in Central Administration site, setting security, BCS Actions, etc…

We had more than 35 attendees and I found the topic I choose very interesting based on the number of questions I had to answer at the end of the session.

Article – Configuring Forms-based Authentication in SharePoint 2010

All of us will have to go through this one and I though it’s always better have this documented so that anyone get stuck on the way can refer to this.


Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2011

I was fortunate to meet and collaborate with the SharePoint fans in Southeast Asia for the 2nd time during SharePoint Conference 2011. I have been having a very tough time with my projects and personal life, but I still wanted to go and present @ SEA SharePoint conference this year as well.

I flew 7th midnight from Colombo to Singapore and reached there just before they start the key note. It was very exciting to see such a big crowd for the 2nd time in Singapore and I was very happy that I made it to the conference.

I presented 02 sessions and 1 of them in the technical session and the other one is in Voice Of Customer track.

Day 1 Session 1 – Deep Dive on Business Connectivity Services
Level – 300
Track – Developer
This session was targeted for developers who have some experience in using BCS. This session talked about advanced topics such and adding behaviors to ECTs with BCS Actions. This session also demonstrated how to surface LOB data using SharePoint Search and how to make them more meaningful using Profile Pages. Finally this session demonstrated on how to configure User Profile Services to supplement User Profiles with LOB data.

Day 2 Session 2 – Creating Internet-facing Sites Simplified
Level – 200
Track – Voice of Customer

This session was targeted for non-technical audience and this was the 1st time I was doing a non-technical session on a conference. I demonstrated how Virtusa Pvt. Ltd. simplified the way we build internet-facing sites using a Framework we built with bunch of re-usable components.


Introduction to SharePoint Development – UOM

As usual our DPE – Wellington Perera requested me to do a session at the 11th hour. Microsoft and University of Moratuwa has organized a 2 day event for all the students in the Faculty of IT. I did a session today to introduce SharePoint development and it was a very fruitful session for them since most of them were keen on moving into SharePoint technology.

I started the session on comparing ASP.NET web development and SharePoint portal development and then demonstrated some of the cool features in the area of collaboration and communication. Next, I demonstrated few OOTB Web Parts and introduced them the concept of Web Parts. Finally I demonstrated the Web Part development and explained them the key concepts on SharePoint development.

This 1 ½ hour session was targeted to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students and it was very interesting to see around 100 participants early in the morning.

Student CTP

Microsoft Sri Lanka organized an event-Student CTP today targeting for Students in all the universities in Sri Lanka. Objective of this event was to showcase bleeding edge Microsoft technologies to students and make them aware of those new technologies.

We had few interesting sessions lined up and most of them Wowed the crowd. I did a session on Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 and demonstrated how easy it is to develop data-driven business application without writing code. I had only 30 minutes and couldn’t showcase what I really wanted, and I wish I had more time.

Windows 8 Developer Preview, Virtualization using Windows 8 and Lync were some of the other cool sessions we had in the agenda.

I’m waiting for more and more events like this and talk more about latest technologies and make students aware of them.

SharePoint Forum September 2011

After 09 months from the start of the local SharePoint forum, today I got an opportunity to present. I did Part 1 of 02 parts sessions on workflow development. I wanted to fill the vacuum in the area of developing SharePoint based workflows using WF and SharePoint but I wanted to start with the basics so that everyone can get the maximum out of forum sessions and also to make sure I address all different levels in the audience.

In this first part I covered OOTB workflows, Visio workflows and SPD workflows. I also talked about the enhancements in the workflow services and discussed about the enhancements in SPD in the area of developing workflows.

There were nearly 30 attendees and I was not lucky enough to have someone to take pictures. I will be doing the part 2 of this series and please join with me to explore the capabilities in developing workflows with Visual Studio 2010, WF 3.5 and SharePoint 2010.

.NET Forum August 2011

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is the latest member to join Visual Studio family. Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to simplify and shorten the development of typical forms-over-data business applications.
What Microsoft says “With LightSwitch, you can use databases which you create or point to an existing data source. Either way, you do not need to write code. To help with the user interface, LightSwitch provides screens that are based on predefined templates and display data automatically by simply specifying which elements you want to show.

I was privileged to unveil Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 today in .NET Forum August meet up and we had over 30 attendees to hear/ learn about Visual Studio LightSwitch.

.NET Forum August - LightSwitch Session

.NET Forum August - LightSwitch Session

.NET Forum August - LightSwitch Session

.NET Forum August - LightSwitch Session

.NET Forum August - LightSwitch Session

.NET Forum August - LightSwitch Session